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About Us

ReTroSoundWAV Media LLC provides an outlet for people to create media products to help build their brand. The media services we provide are music, video, podcast, photography, and graphic design materials. Our goal is to make everyone look professional by creating the media products that will get you there.

Why Us

Because we know how important it is to have a quality visual representation of your business and we are going to do everything possible to get you to this point.

How We Help


How to make better marketing/promotion strategies.

What business decisions (vision) will work best for you in the long run.

How you want to be perceived (right now or) in the future.


Figuring out which of the three E’s your company provides (education, entertainment, erotica (if necessary)).

What your company is missing.

What your company can improve on.


Making and creating the right assets to build your companies future.

ReTroSoundWAV Media updated Demo Reel

What makes us different

We are going to make our abstract style look “normal” with everyone we work with.

We have the ability to stay inside the lines, but once we’re able to add our flare we will change the course of history.

Who have we worked with?

Artist Mill International 

AV Metro

Citizen Studios

Earfluence Media

Inception Tech

Munjo Munjo

NC State University

Phantom Swami

Shoreline Productions

Various Artist

Von Emrich Productions

William Peace University


Downtown Raleigh in May of 2022. Photo taken by Andre Tidwell.

Graphic Design

ReTroSoundWAV Media video transition element. Created by ReTro d.r.E

Music Snippet

Un-released instrumental by ReTro d.r.E


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