I Experienced House Music

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This past week I experienced House Music for the first time.

And when I say ‘experienced,’ I mean that I listened and analyzed house music as a genre from playlist I have listened to.

This past week I listened to a couple of playlist on Spotify and TIDAL, and here are my take aways from what I heard so far.

Note: This is just an overview I will explain more of my thoughts at a later date. No research have been done accept listening to playlist which I will link throughout this blog post.

House Music Takeaways

1. Not a lot of words

2. Mostly drum and bass

3. Will always keep you moving

4. The groove is the most important

5. Lots of repetition (words, phrases, and drum patterns)

6. A lot of reused sounds (drum samples)

7. Building blocks to modern Pop and EDM music


In my opinion, from what I listened to so far I believe House Music is a genre that was made for dancing, and when I heard the music I understood why.

Quick Story-time: I was at a family event last Sunday, and while I was standing by the DJ board and a woman came up and requested a House Song that erupted the crowd and changed the tempo of the rest of the party. Then, the DJ played another House Song and she kicked her shoes off and made the DJ, my cousin, and a few other people get in a dance battle with her.

The Wrap Up: I’m only 25 years old and I think people around my age, younger, and middle aged are missing out on an importance piece of music history, if they never have heard House Music. It has crafted a great soundscape that has inspired great records and artist that have came after. And impacted the music in a way that is being felt today.

Final notes to the audience: I will revisit this topic at a later date when I have more information and developed my ear to this genre more. The main reason I made this post wast to record my findings on what I learned so far from listening to this short sample size of House Music.

One of the Spotify playlist I was listening to.

This is the TIDAL playlist I was listening to.

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